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About Us


EMP - Ecological Molded Pallet

A Sustainable Journey of Service Since its establishment in 2013, EMP has been dedicated to producing high-quality molded wooden pallets, providing robust and reliable solutions for the global logistics and warehousing industry. 

We utilize environmentally friendly recycled wood and precise molding processes to produce pallets of various sizes and load-bearing requirements, catering to the diverse needs of our customers. 

Our clientele includes industry giants from food to heavy industry. 

Over the past decade, our customer satisfaction surveys have shown that more than 95% of our clients are satisfied or very satisfied with our products and services.


Green concept

We live on a planet where every tree is an incredibly precious resource. Our environment, vital for our survival, is enduring the ravages of industrialization. Traditional plastic and wooden pallets, reliant on fossil fuels and timber, contribute to environmental degradation. Embracing the ethos of green sustainability, we advocate for molded pallets. These pallets utilize recycled materials such as wood waste and straw, significantly reducing timber consumption. We invite you to choose EMP’s eco-friendly pallets, joining us in our efforts to make the Earth a greener place.


EMP Factory

EMP boasts a production area of 20,000 square meters, with our molded wooden pallets distributed across every continent. 

Our mission is to offer sustainable and efficient packaging solutions that ensure the safe and reliable transport of our customers’ goods around the world. 

Our vision is to become the most trusted supplier of molded wooden pallets globally. 

We firmly believe that through continuous technological innovation and a deep understanding of customer needs, we can achieve this goal. 

EMP is more than just a pallet manufacturer; we are an indispensable partner in your supply chain, ensuring that your business progresses steadily in the global market.

We have our own factory, so there’s a price advantage.

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